Abigail Surasky

Acupuncturist in Berkeley specializing in women’s health, chronic and complex health disorders, pediatrics, men’s health issues, digestion, musculoskeletal issues, pain, and psychiatric imbalances.

Britt Fohrman

Doula | Consulting | YogaHypnobirthingBodywork

Dr. Maud Nerman

Wonderful healer using osteopathy and homeopathy as her tools.  She’s recently published “Healing Pain and Injury” in which she explains why the body’s interconnectedness is often the key to recovery and how you can understand the clues it provides.

The Egoscue Method®

Created by Pete Egoscue, the Egoscue Method® is a therapy method that relieves chronic pain, and encourages peak physical performance for the young, the old, the athlete, the non-athlete, the famous, and the infamous. This unique method is based on the body’s functional design – or posture. A trained Egoscue therapist works with you to develop a series of gentle corrective exercises that will not only alleviate your pain, but prevent future pain and injuries.

Janice Gates

Yoga instruction, retreats, teacher training in somatic yoga therapy.

Letitia Bartlett

Long-time yoga teacher and graduate of the San Francisco Iyengar Institute. Letitia also works as a clown, mime and acting teacher in San Francisco.

Lulu Bandha’s Yoga Studio

In Ojai, CA, home of the annual Yoga Crib that Patricia attends as a guest instructor. “We are not committed to one particular style, rather we are interested in offering techniques that might help you relax into yourself.”

Marleen Roggow

Writers’ Wings Literary Submissions Services.

Richard Rosen Yoga

Full of original articles, essays and links to many yoga friends who I might otherwise include here, but you can get them from his site.

San Francisco Zen Center

One of the largest Buddhist sanghas outside Asia.

Teja Bell

A committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Tao, integrating qigong, martial arts and healing energy practices. He teaches classes, daylongs and retreats in qigong, dharma and meditation, Zen, Aikido and non-dual integrative process and embodied leadership.

Yoga Garden Studio of San Anselmo

“A sweet refuge from the busyness of daily life and each class is an opportunity to collect and gather your energy and nourish your body, mind and heart.”