Online: Live Streaming Yoga Classes

Live Online Yoga with Patricia via Zoom

We all know Yoga is a wonderful way to re-ground, soothe our nerves and re-energize – all the more needed in this time of great uncertainty.  I’m now offering classes to my ongoing students and they’ve been so pleased that I’m going to expand the offering to more people.

You’ll need to download the Zoom app onto your mobile device, laptop or computer and create a free account.

We’re hosting 2 weekly classes from here, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:45 to 11:30, with an optional meditation until 11:45.

You may pay on a sliding scale anything from $5 to $25. Payment is through Venmo, a well known reliable app for transferring $$ securely. Or other arrangements can be made by contacting me.  Want to deliver me some dinners? Let’s talk!

I’m also giving a 1 hour “Egoscue Informed Yoga” class, 4:30-5:30 hosted by Nest in Oakland. You’ll need to register with them.

Before class please assemble in your practice space any or all of the following items: a mat, 2-3 blankets, 2 yoga blocks, belt or strap, bed pillow, chair, wall if possible or at least a door you can close to lean against.

Please email me at with any questions, special needs or challenges.

And, finally, I’m giving a 2 hour workshop hosted by Nest on June 6 from 2-4 pm.