Fall Retreat – in person

Green Gulch Farm from Hope Cottage

Three-night Green Gulch Retreat  A 3-Day Yoga and Zen Retreat  October 19-22

3 pm Thursday – 1 pm Sunday

When you follow the link above you’ll find all the information about the retreat plus a link for registration; first for accommodations, then for the retreat itself.

Some thoughts about when we are in retreat: we leave behind our usual schedule and to-do lists to settle into a more contemplative routine; moving more slowly, giving ourselves time to allow nature to nurture us and to encounter the joy of “just this” – just this moment and all it contains. The spacious schedule typically includes two yoga classes as well as zen meditation and discussions. There’s also time to enjoy the environs of Green Gulch.

In the morning yoga classes, with active postures taken from the Iyengar system as well as other traditions, we embody the poses through awareness to detail along with curiosity, exploration, and modification according to individual need. We cultivate strength without forcing the body, and suppleness supported by ongoing awareness to the breath. This can manifest as sensitivity, the ability to better notice how our thoughts, feelings, and intentions affect not merely the postures, but also our feelings and subsequent actions in the daily life of relationships. This includes personal relationship as well as our relationship with all beings. What is life if not relationship?

In the afternoon, each student is thoroughly supported in specifically targeted Restorative Postures which pacify and deeply nourish body and mind, and allow us to rest in our true heart, our true nature and penetrate beyond the surface of our body/mind/heart.

COVID concerns are arising again and there may be  certain protocols we’ll need to honor. More information as the dates are nearer.


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With love, Patricia