Workshops & Retreats 2018

Annual Tassajara Retreats:

July 15-July 20, 2018 (Sunday – Friday)

August 12 – 17, 2018 (Sunday – Friday)

Deep in Carmel Valley in the peaceful wilderness the Tassajara community provides an oasis of calm just waiting to nurture you.
The hot springs and cold creek soothe body and heart.
The new Retreat Hall is a spacious and beautiful place to gather for practice, where we will rediscover and deepen our joy of life when we’re more in touch with our innate essence.

For more information and to register visit the Tassajara calendar.

Yoga in Berlin: Centering with Earth’s Gravity
September 29 – 30, 2018

This will be my fourth year as a guest teacher at Yogazentrum Akazienhof in Berlin. If you’d like to read more visit their website.

Three-night Green Gulch Retreat

October 25-28th, 2018
4pm Thursday – 1pm Sunday

Green Gulch Farm sponsors retreats with me and my zen co-teacher Eijun Linda Cutts twice a year and it is my great joy and privilege to offer them. Many people frequently return, and new faces arrive each time as well.

In a three-night retreat, with two full days for practice and half a day on either side, we offer you an opportunity to enter deeply into a slower, more reflective environment than perhaps your home and work environments provide. And also into the beauty of Green Gulch Farm and environs. A chance to allow what is deepest inside you to be revealed and experienced.

Sessions of our zen and yoga practices combine to create a unique experience each time. In my particular approach to yoga we sometimes work intensely and we often spend time in poses in order to explore them deeply, but I do not teach vinyasa flow. We sometimes practice simple Qigong movements as warm-ups. Central Abbess Linda Cutts will lead the periods of zazen, dharma talks and discussions. Registration opens in mid-June. Visit the Green Gulch webpage for more information.

Yoga Anytime


Join me on Yoga Anytime, an online subscription service offering a wide range of Yoga teachings, including asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, philosophical talks and Sanskrit lessons at all levels of learning.

This on-line format offers exposure to a variety of teachers and every one has something valuable to share. The availability and quality of the philosophical discussions makes Yoga Anytime an invaluable resource in understanding, enjoying and integrating the teachings into your life.

With love, Patricia